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Unfortunatly, these medals will be out of stock until further notice.

There are 29 Benefits. (Last dogma). Mystic, seer Father Andrew.
Some of the benefits,
#02. I will not let the wearer be fooled by false prophets & their messages.
#12. In the time of danger (physical) I will send My angels to defend and direct you.

True Story:
During the height of "car jacking" in Los Angeles (between 1985-1990). My husband, would always play "what if" games, if we were standing on a corner or stopped in our car somewhere, he would say, "what if you were going to be car jacked now, or what if you were approached from behind, what would you do? Look at your surroundings, is there a way out, what are your options?"
During this time I was in that situation, I was stopped at a signal light, I looked to my left, I saw 2 men, when we made eye contact, I knew what they were going to do, and they knew that I knew what they were going to to. I checked my doors, they were locked, I surveyed my surroundings, and there was no way out. I was blocked in, I could't go back, it was a green for the cars crossing me. So I held my Medallion in my hand and said, "Mediatrix Co-Redemptrix of All Graces please help me."
The weirdest thing that I have ever seen happened. These 2 men approached my van, as they reached the rear view mirror, it was as if they hit a wall and pivoted around and walked in that direction. Like when you play pool and hit the ball of the wall and it makes a triangle, they looked just like that. The signal turned green, and I continuned on my way. I had experienced this protection more than once.

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