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This kit is for those who are just learning about the remedies<
<br>that were revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny for the "Tribulation's",
<br>the End Times. (France 1850-1941).

This special package includes the following:
Preparations & Remedies Book
This booklet gives us an accurate measure on how to prepare for the End Times. It contains remedies and spiritual solutions generously given to us by Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, through several apparitioners, especially given to a beautiful Victim Soul, Marie-Julie Jahenny. She and others were allowed to foresee the tragic chastisements that we may (many have already come to pass) encounter in our near future.

2 ounces of each Herb
Myrrh Tears
Frankincense Tears
Garlic Granulated
Ginger Root
Hawthorn Leaves
Violet Leaves
St. John's Wort

1 ounce of the following Holy Oils and Holy Water
St. Sharbel Holy Oil .
Weeping Crucifix Oil of Geno Marti
St. Joseph's Holy Water.

One charcoal
Used for incense with instructions.

Information sheets
Suggested supply list.
Other uses for the enclosed herbs
Directions to extend the Holy Oils and Holy Water,

This makes a great gift for a relative and/or friend, it will introduce them to the cures available to us, given by Our Blessed Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, for these End Times.

This can also be used and/or reserved kit as an emergency kit.

Basic Introductory End Times Kit K-BET$56.95